Activity generates traceability reports by showing interdenpencies between all types of issues. An alternative for the traceability matrix.

Your projects are full of recurrent “activities” all composed of repetitive elements, issues to tarck, confluence pages to fill and so on. Activity manages all this for you, saving your precious time to work on your job!

GAIA Activity – is part of the Gaia ALM Suite and significantly improve your JIRA experience. It allows to formalise activities, e.g. unches of issues ans pages you have to track, and create them all at once for you.

When a new activity is instantiated from an activity template, all the components will be automatically instantiated. This is accessible to all users and not only administrators. Stop scripting, get efficient at your tasks and page creation.

  • Issue Templates : list of JIRA Issues to be created in any projects
  • Page Templates: set of Confluence pages and their hierarchy to be created in an existing Confluence space, from a selected page root.

Visit our Support site to follow our upcoming features to if you wish to propose one just for you!


  • Software development recurrent tasks (sprint 0, software code review, a new release,
  • Tests (regression SQA, delivery tests, quality control tests, report to complete)
  • Hardware and Production (a new PCB to deliver goes through the same 50 tasks, a production line validating a new board to create)
  • Project Gates (a gate may consist of several items to validate, checklists, documents to deliver to your teams, management or customers)
  • A new employee is hired (generating many tasks for different departments: new PC, new accounts to create, welcome meetings with many people)