The whole Atlassian suite already provide a wide set of tools and features that in line with ALM. By filling some gaps as Nuum did, we can benefit from the core features of JIRA and Confluence to offer a complete support and fill all the needs for ALM. With our plugins and services, we can quickly deploy an ALM platform at low cost. This induces a single and unique tool in your company for managing the R&D and the engineering activities, no matter if you are a software, electronic, systems or production entity.

Gaia for JIRA manages project creation based on template and schemes. Create templates containing JIRA issues, Confluence spaces, Boards and the full JIRA scheme configuration. Embed JIRA links into your Confluence spaces automatically.

Gaia Activity allows you to manage activities, which are composed of issue lists and confluence pages, stored as templates. With Activity, you may instantiate in a blink the same issues over and over and track their progress. Activities can be of any kind.

Display tree view of JIRA issues and all their issue links for traceability and impact analysis. Smartly retrieve issues linked to Confluence pages. Excellent for tests management, requirement management or functional dependency. Export to Excel,CSV.

The AJIIM : Advanced JIRA Issue Insert Macro let you insert issues in your Confluence pages (specification, design and planning documents). Issue descriptions and issue links can be displayed for better documentation and analysis.

We can configure your Gaia ALM Suite to be ISO/IEC 29110 compatible. 29110-in-a-box | (Software or Systems) is a complete project management - software/system management solution intended to startups, SME, departments to organize themselves up towards the IEC/ISO 29110 process.


If you are not familiar with Atlassian, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you analyze your overall needs to configure the environment for you. You may also consult our posts to learn about how to setup the environment.