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Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT

Our approach towards the Internet of Things is to help our customers getting the most value for their products and services, making them more accessible while guaranteeing the best communication, security and accessibility, while validating their scalability.

Our services covers the complete spectrum of the IOT, starting with your ideas and statement of work. IIOT design, including the device and its smart sensors, the communication network, the data storage strategy on the cloud. Finally, we work with you at getting the most value from this set of data.

Our business model works in partnership with you, allowing us to be in the team with you to globally take your IIOT systems needs and bring them to reality.

Our technical approach is rigourous and strict, ensuring the quality of the deliverables.


Our approach had been validated in the following markets: smart cities, telecom, industrial, energy, connected vehicles, M2M, medical devices, critical systems.

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