Nuum is a contractual consulting and service provider aimed at software and embedded software systems development and their lifecycle. Over the years, Nuum has managed to develop specific, field and cutting-edge expertise in the complete development cycle of embedded systems, ALM (Application Life Management). We follow the ISO/IEC 29110 software and system methodology, making quality and service a guarantee of delivery. Our participation to several R&D projects (both internally and with our customers) makes us a key partner for helping you meeting objectives and deadlines.

Over the years, Nuum has gained out an extraordinary experience in regards with the way to address embedded systems development. By looking at the applicative facet and the user experience of the component being developed, we focus on the end result to maximize your satisfaction. Nuum covers all the aspects of embedded systems development, and focus on the person. Therefore, out methodology includes simulations, emulations, virtual prototyping, system levels, continuous integration and tests. Industrial, telecom, automotive, critical systems, are what we manage and deal with everyday


Nuum proposes a range of adapted services that cover the entire life cycle of software and system applications. These offers are based on two sound principles: pragmatism and continuous improvement. Nuum will assist you in improving your engineering process or methodology, globally, at every stage, or concentrating at a particular stage and always providing ROI analysis for you to understand how quickly your benefits return. This effort by our consultant intent on observing your current methods of working, identify issues and preparing an action / deployment / correction plan. Our methodology for you would include: • Conduct a study of the engineering organizational, objectives and industrial requirements

  • Conduct workshops and ALM committee with you
  • Producing a base action plan for your entity.
  • Periodic meetings and brainstormings
  • Benchmarking

    Gaia ALM suite has been specifically created to support the development lifecycle of systems and software for smaller projects of 25 persons or less. These projects are everywhere: in large enterprise, and organization, in departments, in SME or start-ups. The Gaia ALM Suite covers the Project Management and the System/Software implementation phases to help reduce project risks and increase product quality. Furthermore, it will help you building the right product, on-time and within budget. Nuum has built "deployment packages" over Atlassian JIRA and Confluence to help you jump-start their use of the tool. These packages cover:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • System/Software Architecture/Design
  • Verification and Validation
  • Traceability
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Product Deployment
  • This is 100% Agile compatible for software customer who wishes to deploy Agile SCRUM.