Work Environment

Since 2009, we are proud to offer a work environment which brings space for your family and yourself. On a daily basis, our teams work in a relax and professional environment, bringing collaboration first. By joining our team of engineers, you will work in a competent, simple, creative, and collaborative environment.

7 reasons to work at Nuum

  • State of the art project opportunities in various domains
  • A pleasant work environment in the bustling Plateau Mont-Royal
  • Flexible work hours, work from home
  • Health Insurance Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Competitive Salary
  • Training, Lunch’n learns and several other ways to boost up your skills and knowledge

We are always looking for skilled, motivated, work hard talents to join our qualified team. We encourage you to send us your resume as a software developer, business analyst, project manager.

We know that our success depends directly on our employees' satisfaction. In addition to being constantly receptive to the needs of our employees and offering you stimulating projects, we offer an interesting range of benefits, and close professional follow-up, so you can feel valued and confident in your work. Nuum pays particular attention to its employees' expectations through it career-assessing program known as dc@n.

We work with many clients both locally and internationally. We work on various large, complex and challenging technical projects, enabling you to develop the many technical skills you are looking for.

We are particularly aware of the importance of the balance between your work and your personal life, a balance upon which your happiness and motivation depend. Our policy has allowed us to implement several contrete measures, for example flexible work hours, the possibility of working from home, and many corporate activities involving our employees' families.

Nuum brings together people with the following main professional values:

  • Creativity and Innovation: people who address problems in an innovative and collaborative manner
  • Initiative: people who demonstrate a willingness to learn and advance
  • Accountability: people who handle their projects and bring them to fruition
  • Open-mindedness: people listen to clients and colleagues, always open to addressing new challenges in new
  • Positive attitude: people who demonstrate motivation at work
  • Skill: people eager to extend their knowledge into several disciplines, both technical and in the profession

Job Opportunities

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Nuum is always looking for competent and motivated candidates in order to expand our skills, people willing to explore new frontiers and face new challenges.

Technology, methods, software process are on your list of interests? Nuum is the work environment of choice for you.